1How can I make an exchange on Smartex?

In the exchange tab, on the left side of the table, select the currency you have and on the right select the currency you are interested in to recieve.

After you add the amount, the system will calculate how much you get or how much you have to pay for the required amount of currency you want to buy.

2Is the system fast and automatic?

The system is mostly automated. However, some transactions are manually confirmed for security reasons. It should not have an impact for customer experience.

3How long it will take untill exchanged money will be credited to my account?

Money is usually sent immediately after the payment is received.

S.I.Hal s.r.o. is not responsible for the transaction time of payment of individual payment systems

4Can I send money from a 3rd. party account or to a 3rd. party account?

No!! Money can be sent from any payment system available on the site or any bank account. However, the person who exchanges have to be an account holder or it may be considered as a suspicious transaction and can be reason of account freezing.

5What should I do when I have troubles, such as delaying the transaction for an unusually long period of time?

- If the transaction takes longer than the site has been mentioned, please contact support, an explanation will be given and the problem will be resolved.

6Transaction failed. What to do now?

Transaction failures are usually caused by sending an inaccurate amount or entering an inappropriate wallet. Please check if this is the case and contact support.

7Are there any transaction fees?

They are not. The entire "how much I pay" and "how much I get" calculation is clearly visible during the shift. The numbers given during the transaction are final.

8What is the transaction identifier?

A unique shift number that allows us to trace individual transactions.